Frequently Asked Questions

Your mobile phone’s been stolen; what should you do?

a. Go to the police, b. Tell your network provider c. Use tracking software* or d. Visit

A: All of the above. If your mobile has been stolen, you can lock it pretty quickly, and get it blacklisted by getting in touch with your network provider and the police, but did you know that that only restricts it from being used in your country?

Many mobile phones end up being shipped across the world where the your country blacklist becomes irrelevant as the phone can be sold on and used perfectly well. And it’s become a big market.

Some versions of Android and iOS offer tracking and locking software built in. So you might be able to track you phone that way. See your phone documentation for advice.

Q: So what can you do about it?

A: If you register your phone’s IMEI number at, it will be added to our database, which can be searched directly or via Google. See below on how to find your IMEI number.

Q: How do I find my IMEI number?

A: The IMEI is often found on the back of the phone or under the battery. You can also get it by dialling *#06# on the handset. The original packaging may also have this number printed on it somewhere. Lastly, your network provider may have a record. It is worth giving them a call.

Unfortunately MissingPhones cannot help you get your IMEI number.

Q: What if I don't have my IMEI number?

A: Unfortunately then you cannot currently register your phone on

Q: But does it mean I have to give my address, and isn’t that a security risk?

A: We specifically ask that you don’t give out your personal details. When you register your phone’s IMEI number you enter just that, and your email address, nothing else.

Q: Why can't I find my phone on the database?

A: This is because you or someone else hasn't put the phone on this database. This site does not have a record of every phone made. It is not linked to ANY other official or unofficial database of any kind. The more phones that register on the service means the more likey phones will be found.

Q: Can you help me find my phone?

A: The only help offers is to allow you to list your phone as lost or stolen or found - and then give the means for someone to contact you.

MissingPhones does not track your phones location nor does it offer any other service.

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