About this site and IMEI numbers

IMEI stands for "International Mobile Equipment Identity". It is a unique serial number for your mobile phone. It has no relationship with your personal information except it might be stored by your network provider.

This number is often found on the back of the phone or under the battery. You can also get the number by dialing *#06# on the handset. The original packaging may also have this number printed on it - and your network provider may have a record.

This number is used by networks in some countries as a method of "blacklisting" phones that have been lost or stolen such as in the UK. Sometimes stolen phones are shipped to different countries to circumvent such blacklists.

By registering your IMEI with MissingPhones.org you have a greater chance of getting a lost or stolen phone back. If someone finds your phone and enters the number on our search they can contact you through the site without you having to divulge any personal information.

Please bear in mind this database is NOT synchronised or affiliated with any other database. You still need to register your phone stolen with your network.

** We recommend that you really should register your phone along with its IMEI number with a local police station. **

We also recommend using your local police station to be the go-between when claiming a lost/stolen phone for personal safety reasons and to avoid fraud. If sending phones in the post be sure to use a registered post service.

MissingPhones.org takes no responsibility for activities of its users - it just provides the listing service. If you have any queries or suggestions please mail [email protected]

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