2015 UK Phone Theft Statistics

Day 83 - West Midlands Police - Lost & Stolen Phones

The following report comes from the latest crime statistics on ‘theft from the person’ and throws up some interesting trends.

In the year ending June 2015, of all 442,000 ‘theft from the person’ offences, 47% (206,000) were stealth thefts; these are offences where there is theft of property, while the property is on the person of the victim and include snatch thefts, where an element of force (but not violence) may be used, and stealth thefts such as pick-pocketing.

‘Theft from the person’ offences decreased by 15% in the year ending June 2015 and the latest decrease may, in part, be explained by improvements to mobile phone security and theft prevention (1), as previously there was evidence that theft of smartphones was driving the upward trend in street crime, especially in London (2).

As software-based efforts to tackle phone theft become increasingly sophisticated, it seems they are are having a positive effect on reducing these crimes. The more mobile phone users understand the benefits and sign up to databases such as missingphones.org, hopefully the fewer thefts there will be. Let’s wait and see what 2016’s figures look like…